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Firefox for Android coming 'late this year'

Android and Firefox Mobile: tailor made for each other?
Android and Firefox Mobile: tailor made for each other?

Firefox Mobile for Android is likely to make its debut on the platform later in 2010, according to Mozilla's VP of mobiles.

Jay Sullivan told TechRadar that Android was a 'great fit' for Firefox mobile:

"It's a modern OS, and it's a great fit with us. It's the type of platform that has a high affinity with the early adopter, and it's seen a lot of uptake."

Sullivan pointed out that the reason for the delay was based on the underlying code:

"Android has been built on a Java platform, whereas [Firefix Mobile] is based on C and C++ code. Until last year when [the Open Handset Alliance] released the NDK (native development kit) which allowed native code as part of the app, it was simply impossible."

Wondering about Windows

Sullivan also spoke of Windows Mobile (which has Firefox Mobile running as an Alpha build at the moment, stating that the new announcement had caused some decisions to be made at Mozilla:

"Now we have the decision: do we target Windows Mobile 6.5 or 7? How much architecture will there be to work with?"

And while admitting Mozilla didn't know a lot about MeeGo, the new alliance between Nokia and Intel, Sullivan highlighted it as an exciting opportunity.

"Nokia has been a great partner for us, helped Firefox Mobile to get better, and we hope that continues.

"Mozilla has also been in Moblin (Intel's previous Linux-based platform) for a while, and that company has contributed a lot over the years.

"It all lines up pretty well, although I don't know how it will all shake out."

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