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Apple in the dock over iPhone 3G

A lot of money for not much 3G
A lot of money for not much 3G

We've all read countless times about the poor 3G coverage users of the new Apple iPhone are experiencing.

Apple has promised to fix the problem soon, and many hoped the recent firmware update would have done the trick. But Arstechnica has reported one customer in Alabama, Jessica Alena Smith, has filed a complaint against Jobs' lot, hoping to help out other users of the iPhone 3G that have experienced problems with the phone's lack of 3G coverage.

Smith complained about the amount of marketing and advertising being thrown at her regarding the new device that highlighted the handset could work "twice as fast at half the price".

Poor coverage

However, Smith, like many others (including we at TechRadar) experienced poor 3G coverage in very well-covered areas, and calls dropping out far too frequently.

Smith is trying to make Apple pay damages, pre- and post-judgment interest on financial relief, and attorney's fees, on top of replacing and repairing the defective devices.

She also claims she, and countless others, have suffered financial penalties thanks to being sans mobile, which makes sense when most people have had to pay a fair whack up front to replace their handset.

Whether Apple can fix the problem in time before the more people get involved will remain to be seen.