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Misfit Vapor 2 price and release date listed by retailer

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The Misfit Vapor 2 hasn’t been announced yet but that hasn’t stopped several retailers from listing it, with the most recent listing including a price and release date.

This comes from Best Buy in the US, and while the listing has seemingly now been removed, Phone Arena was able to spot it and get a screenshot.

The listing says that the unannounced Misfit Vapor 2 will cost $249.99 (around £190 / AU$350) and will go on sale on November 1.

It will apparently come in two sizes and a range of colors, with a 41mm model being available in black and rose shades, while a 46mm version will supposedly come in stainless steel and jet black colors.

A screenshot of the Best Buy listing. Credit: Best Buy / Phone Arena

A screenshot of the Best Buy listing. Credit: Best Buy / Phone Arena

GPS, NFC and more

Other listed details include GPS, NFC, water resistance and an AMOLED touchscreen, with the Misfit Vapor 2 apparently running Wear OS and packing 512MB of RAM. The listing also includes a picture, which shows that the design is similar to the original Misfit Vapor, but the crown looks a lot bigger.

While a major store is a pretty good source we’d still take this information with a pinch of salt for now. But as noted this isn’t the first or only retailer that’s listed the Vapor 2, as previously it popped up on a couple of other retailers with many of the same details, so there’s a very good chance that this is accurate.

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