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LastPass is now free for any device

Password manager LastPass has extended its free service to cover any number of internet-connected devices. Starting today, users can manage all their account logins and sync them across an unlimited number of devices running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, or Android.

Until now, multi-device support was restricted to LastPass Premium – a paid-for service that also includes family password sharing and encrypted cloud storage.

Knock knock

The cross-platform service is available to all new users immediately, and if you already have a LastPass account, just install the appropriate app on your other devices and you’ll find all your logins synced automatically. Existing premium subscribers won’t see any change.

“By offering LastPass for free across all your devices, we’re making it that much easier for everyone to make good password habits the norm, while resetting the expectations of what a great password management experience should be in a multi-device world,” says LastPass CEO Joe Siegrist.

LastPass itself suffered an embarrassing security breach last year, when attackers were able to breach its network to steal password reminders and account email addresses. LastPass prompted users to update their master passwords, but was also quick to reassure them that its password vault hadn’t been compromised, so their login credentials were secure.

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