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Xmas Terrorist's psyche revealed online

Terrorist's chilling use of sad face emoticon reveals a deeply confused, conflicted, frightened and lonely man
Terrorist's chilling use of sad face emoticon reveals a deeply confused, conflicted, frightened and lonely man

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab – forever to be known as the 'Christmas Day bomber' who failed to take down Northwest Airlines flight #253 – left a series of genuinely chilling messages on online social networks, revealing a desperately lonely, deeply conflicted and frighteningly confused man.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab posted 310 times to the Islamic Forum on, under the handle "Farouk1986."

All Farouk1986's posts have been compiled into a single file by the NEFA Foundation's jihadism researcher, Evan Kohlmann, which reveals that the terrorist wanted to know if Muhammad were alive today, "would he watch [soccer], play it, encourage it or what?"

He also asked "when is lying allowed to deceive the enemy?" And he expressed anger over the "global War On Terror [which resulted] in the death of thousands of innocent lives and thousands more detained illegally without trial or judgement."

Chilling emoticon

Perhaps most chilling of all is the young man's use of a sad-faced emoticon in the following message – found by the US counter-terrorist researcher in the archive:

"Basically, the problem I'm having is that I've been having extreme loneliness...for many years. I don't really know what to do because I'm not the type who likes to go out much, and I'm just shy and quiet. Even on the internet, I don't feel comfortable posting much because it exposes myself. Sometimes people are so mean.

So I'm trying to figure out what to do. I just wish I had someone to give me attention and stuff. I wish I had someone who would be there to listen to me, and always be nice to me. It really hurts to have someone neglect me or be mean. Unfortunately, a weakness of mine is that I'm sensitive, but I think I became more sensitive after something bad happened some years ago.

I wish I had at least one nice person to talk to, maybe over e-mail or Messenger. Of course, if I could find someone to marry, then Insha'Allah I would have someone in real life to give me all the attention and affection I wanted. So far, the families we've met aren't interested in me, though.


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