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Tor is developing its own anonymous instant messanger

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It'd be difficult to peel back the layer of this chat onion

Worried about Facebook's takeover of Whatsapp? The Tor Project is prepping an anonymous instant messaging client that's tied to its free, Deep Web-friendly browser.

The Tor Instant Messaging Bundle is being developed to provide the world's most secure real-time communications tool.

According to the project roadmap, it's built on the existing open-source chat program Instantbird and all communication would be sent through Tor's onion-layered relays.

An experimental version of Tor Instant Messaging Bundle is expected to be available by the end of March.

As secure as it gets

There's been an increased need for more secure communication tools ever since Edward Snowden outed the NSA's Prism surveillance program.

While the law enforcement has reportedly had trouble cracking the encryption that Apple uses for iMessages, the NSA is thought to have collected plenty of other communications.

TorChat already exists as one of the the hidden services of Tor, but it's developed independently of the anonymity software with completely different set of donation-funded developers.

By the end of March, we should see an official Tor IM client take off-the-record chats to a whole new level.