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Spam levels unlikely to drop anytime soon

More than 88 per cent of all emails received last month were spam messages

Spam is staying put, despite claims that it is decreasing, security firm SoftScan said today. Spam levels remained pretty much the same during May, with 88.51 per cent of all emails scanned by SoftScan classified as spam. Virus levels dropped slightly to 1.4 per cent, SoftScan said.

Despite the prominent arrest of 'spam king' Robert Soloway, and claims this month that image spam is on the decrease, SoftScan maintains that levels are unlikely to drop significantly anytime soon.

"Although it has been relatively quiet on the spam front for the past eight weeks, a sudden spike that caused a 25 per cent increase at the beginning of this week has shown that the spammers are still out there and mean business," said Diego d'Ambra, CTO of SoftScan.

He added that replacing image spam with links to picture websites is "unlikely to work as a spamming tactic". A link within an email is actually easier to detect than some of the more complex and sophisticated image spam seen today.

The top five virus families in May 2007 were:

  1. Phishing: 93.49%
  2. Small: 2.66%
  3. Netsky: 0.81%
  4. Stration: 0.78%
  5. Mytob: 0.49%