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Facebook has been accused of tracking many of you around the web


Facebook is tracking you, whether you're a user or not, claims a new report. The social network is said to be using cookies to follow European users around the web, even once they've deleted their account and asked not to be tracked.

The research comes from Belgium's data protection body - you can read the full report here - and claims that some of Facebook's plug-ins follow users who have never signed up to the service.

Doing this would be a violation of European law, which rules that users must be informed if a site is going to give their computer cookies. The Belgian report says that even those who have used Facebook's cookie opt-out system in the EU are being tracked by a different cookie against their consent.

Facebook disputes the claims, stating that the report contains "factual inaccuracies" in a general statement. It also says that the report's authors never contacted it or "sought to clarify any assumptions upon which their report is based."

The upshot? Whether or not the claims are true, Facebook could soon find itself in hot water with the EU.