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Ron Jeremy hates the internet

Not Ron Jeremy's laptop
Not Ron Jeremy's laptop

Porn star Ron Jeremy has insisted that he hates the internet, claiming that the world wide web is making people stupid.

Jeremy is one of the most famous male porn stars, and has been an outspoken critic of how the wealth of free porn, as well as file sharing, has impacted on his industry.

And Jeremy continued his tirade in conversation with the BBC, insisting that the wrong people are profting.

"The internet has allowed a lot of crooks, thieves and squatters to become millionaires. Normally, they wouldn't get a job washing dishes," says Jeremy.

"People can download stuff for free these days, so why the heck are they going to buy it?

"The only ones making money out of porn are the novelty companies. I just hate the internet in general."

Generation of idiots

Jeremy points to his own education before insisting that the internet could be turning our children into idiots.

"I am a former school teacher, I have a masters degree and two BAs, and I think the internet is making people stupid," adds Jeremy.

"It's good because you can research any topic. In my day, we went to the encyclopedia for that. Nowadays, though, kids can't memorise anything. No dates, no times tables, no history.

"If there is anything you need to know, you just press a few buttons. We could be giving rise to a generation of idiots."

Patrick Goss

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