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Is Facebook about to get local services?

Facebook going Local?
Facebook going Local?

Facebook could be set to start the roll out location based features within weeks, according to a major advertising magazine.

Advertising Age has reported that Facebook will be integrating location based information and check-ins – highly reminiscent of Foursquare, a company that some analysts have suggested could be an acquisition target for the social network.

The report suggests that the likes of restaurant giant McDonalds are already showing interest in the services, and the chance to tap into Facebook's enormous user base.

Although the first signs of the location specific information are almost certainly going to appear in the US first, the UK will not be far behind.

No confirmation

However, when asked directly about the local features, Faecbook's Kevin Colleran said: "We're still trying to figure out what our strategy is."

"When we launch, whatever our product in that space, we will figure it out."

Of course, the quick rise of location-based services means they were always likely to be something that Facebook would adopt.

With a huge social community already heavily engaged in the platform, the prospect of allowing them to bring in local social information and geo-location social games is certainly an exciting one.