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EA Sports talks up its 'seamless gaming' plans

EA Sports - head in the cloud
EA Sports - head in the cloud

EA Sports president Peter Moore has hinted at some exciting things to come from the games publisher, explaining that it will start rewarding those who buy a number of games in its franchises through its connected services.

Speaking at the MI6 video game marketing conference in San Francisco, Moore noted that there were big things to come.

"Today we're looking at [offering] a seamless experience across all our franchises.

"Regardless of where you are, what platform you have, what game you're playing, that you're constantly connected.

"It is these connected experiences that recognise users and reward them for playing multiple games."

It's in the game

Moore suggested that by making the gaming experience seamless and in the cloud (which EA calls 'persistence'), it could eventually mean that you will no longer have to start a game from the beginning again if you have already bought into the franchise.

"We recognise [players] - that's the persistence - and their presence there gets its achievements and carries them from iteration to iteration," said Moore.

"It's no longer 'buy Madden 11 and then buy Madden 12 and start from scratch,' it is 'take everything that you've done and migrate it and move it along.'"

Via Joystiq