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Tony Hawk skateboard peripheral priced

Hawk it up
Hawk it up

For those desperate to pull a mighty carpet Caballerial, follow it up with a lino laser flip and top it all off with a static switch stance, the Tony Hawk Ride with accompanying skateboard peripheral has been priced and dated for the UK.

As shown at E3, Tony Hawk Ride will come with a plastic skateboard, enabling you to skate from the safety of your own living room.

This will, however, set you back £99 when it arrives on November 20 – neatly boardsliding in ahead of the Christmas market.

Peripheral vision

Peripheral gaming has become an increasingly important part of the console market, with the likes of Guitar Hero, SingStar and Wii Fit all making significant splashes in the market.

And just for the record, we at no point looked up a load of skateboarding terms on Wikipedia ahead of writing this article.

Via T3