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Microsoft aims to dominate EU with Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is still the biggest selling next-gen console in Europe

Microsoft has set its sights on the European market as it searches for success with its Xbox 360 console. In Europe, the Xbox 360 has so far sold more units than the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft says it's looking to build on that market strength.

"The number one objective is to win on a global basis and that may mean winning some markets and losing others,'' said Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft's group product manager. "Europe is our priority focus right now.''

Xbox 360: King of Europe?

The Xbox 360 sells extremely poorly in Japan, despite cheap retail prices and a recent push to release more local games in the region. Now it seems as though Microsoft will focus more on Europe and the US in order to compete better with the Wii and, to a lesser extent, the PS3.

Does this mean we'll see more price cuts in the UK and Europe? In the past, the US saw the launch of the Xbox 360 Elite console before Europe, and all price cuts have been implemented in the US many weeks before Europe. Maybe now the UK will start to get things first. Time will tell.

Greenberg made his comments in an interview with Bloomberg.