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Is it too easy to lose the MacBook Air?

Levy believes he somehow did the unthinkable

We all know that the Apple MacBook Air is paper-thin, but we're staggered to explain how someone can actually lose one - it is after all a £1,200 computer. Newsweek technology reporter Steven Levy is claiming to have done exactly that.

Levy says trying to find the MacBook Air in his New York City apartment was gruelling. He basically had to tear the whole place apart:

"All I came up with was $6.80 in change and some credit-card bills for which I have already paid laid fees. But no MacBook Air."

Lost, stolen, wait... what?

Levy speculates that the MacBook Air may have just been stolen, or that he somehow did the unthinkable - and actually threw the Air away. Money quote:

"As humiliating as it sounds, let me repeat: the MacBook Air is so thin that it got tossed out with the newspapers."

For what it's worth, Levy's wife doesn't believe him. And neither does Fake Steve Jobs.