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Apple MacBook shipments suggest June WWDC announcement

Apple MacBook shipments suggest June WWDC announcement
Out with the old

Apple suppliers are apparently upping their MacBook shipments for June and July, lending strength to the rumour that a new range will be announced at WWDC 2012.

As with every other rumour to come out of the supply chain since nineteen-dickity-two, the news comes from Digitimes and its ever-chatty sources in the upstream supply chain.

They reckon MacBook shipments to Apple will go up 'significantly' in June, with volumes reaching a peak in July 2012.

Back to run the show

The components were already on their way to the new MacBooks in March, with volumes also increasing a bit in April and May in line with a June launch.

Unfortunately, the article from Digitimes makes no mention of spec or model or colour or price or release date, of course, so it's anyone's guess if these are the new Retina Display toting MacBook Pros or if they're specced-up, priced-down MacBook Airs or what.

But the emergence of new MacBooks in the next few months is pretty much a given so it's probably time to start convincing yourself that you need a new one.

Yeah, probably

From Digitimes