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Apple building chip to help manufacturers support AirPlay

A limited number of gadgets like the B&W Zeppelin Air have AirPlay compatibility

Apple has reportedly unveiled plans to build a new chip which will enable accessory makers to add AirPlay compatibility into their wares.

That Japanese bible of Apple rumours Macotakora says that Apple held a MFI (Made for iPod) conference in China last week where it spoke of its plans to enter the connectivity game.

The new certification chip will, reportedly, allow greater communication through AirPlay, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, between iOS devices and third-party peripherals.

It is thought that the chip will also factor in the new low-powered Bluetooth 4.0 functionality found on the iPhone 4S handset, also known as Bluetooth Smart Ready.

AirPlay revolution

Apple's AirPlay functionality has made it possible for iOS devices to communicate with HD TVs through the Apple TV set-top box and also through speaker systems like the B&W Zeppelin Air.

Greater connectivity over a greater range of devices would be welcomed by accessory manufacturers and iOS fans alike.

Via: AppleInsider