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12-Core Mac Pros now up for pre-order on Apple Store

Apple goes 12-Core
Apple goes 12-Core

Apple has begun taking orders for its latest range of Mac Pros, with the 12-Core version of the computer now available for pre-order.

Although it will take two weeks, the store is now open for those who want a Mac Pro, which is boasting 50 per cent improvement in processing power.

Announced at the end of July, the Mac Pro offers 12 cores, via two six-core 3.33GHz Intel Xeon, ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB graphics, and a 1TB hard drive.

Dirty dozen

If you are looking to splash out, then you can purchase a new 12-Core Mac Pro with every available extra feature – including adding solid state drives, a bundle of software, extra LED monitor and a printer – for a jaw-dropping £18,296.84.

For those who just want the base model, then expect to pay around the £4,000 mark.

Also available to order are the new Quad- and 8-Core range, which aren't as headline grabbing but still powerful bits of kit.

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