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Intel dishes out new info on 15-core Ivytown chips

Intel hoping to go to town on rivals

Intel has released new details about its upcoming 15-core Xeon processors designed for use with x86 servers.

The new chips, codenamed Ivytown, boast three more cores than the Xeon E5 v2 processors it released towards the end of last year.

They feature 4.31 billion transistors and are expected to work with 4-socket or 8-socket servers, the reserve of high-end enterprise computing. Each core can run 30 threads at once.

Speeds will range from 1.4GHz to 3.8GHz, while power consumption will be between 40 Watts and 150 Watts.

One core less

It is not clear why Intel decided to go for 15 cores instead of 16, which is the next logical step up from previous 8-core and 12-core releases. Reports suggest that Intel is working on 18-core processors.

Long-time rival AMD has been releasing 16-core processors since 2011. In January it added new 12-core and 16-core server processors to its Opteron 6300 Series. In 2012 it cancelled its planned 10-core and 20-core range.

Intel's new Ivytown processors are expected to be formally announced next week.

Via PCWorld