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Rumour: MacBook for £500

Cheaper MacBook's on the way?
Cheaper MacBook's on the way?

The announcement that there are some new products in the pipeline from Apple has sparked of yet another barrage of Apple rumours.

While the MacBook Touch is at the top of everyone's speculation list, there's rumblings that the new product could be a mid-range MacBook costing just £500.

80% chance

The laptop will not only mean a significant cut in prices for the company but a cut in size too, sporting a screen-size of just 13 inches.

The rumour was started on Apple Insider, with Gene Munster, an analyst at investment bank Piper Jaffray, explaining to the website that the product is part of a move to cut gross margins for next year.

"We believe there is an 80 per cent chance Apple will introduce redesigned MacBooks and possibly new MacBook Pros at lower price points," he states.

"Specifically, Apple may re-enter the $999 price point (currently $1,099) with the MacBook, or test the $1,799 price point with the MacBook Pro (currently $1,999)."

So, a $999 MacBook (£500 in our money), is this what Apple will be announcing next?