The best Alexa Skills and commands 2021: the ultimate in Amazon Echo tips and tricks

Alexa is also helpful if you're a fan of sports. Whether you want to get the score of an ongoing match without having to turn on the TV, or just find out the date of the next feature, numerous sports broadcasters have turned to Alexa to dish out info on their sporting fixtures. 

Follow your team(s) with Alexa skills

Amazon has actually built a lot of sporting functionality into Alexa right out of the box, without the need for the installation of external skills. 

The functionality allows you to add certain teams from a variety of sports to your "Sports Update" which subsequently means that they'll be included if you say "Give me my Sports Update" to your Echo (or similar Alexa-enabled device).

A complete list of supported leagues is currently available on the Amazon website, but the quantity is impressive, and includes teams from the MLB, NBA, NFL and FA Cup. 

The easiest way to get this set up is to head into your Alexa app, and then add teams to your Sports Update in the settings menu. 

Formula 1 Alexa skill

In the UK, Alexa is able to keep you abreast of the current Formula 1 season. As well as providing details on when the next race is, you can also ask for the dates of specific races. 

Post-race can check up on who won as well, by either asking for the winner of the last race, or asking for the winner of any particular race in the calendar.

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