Best monopod for DSLR photography: 6 top models tested and rated

Best monopod for DSLR photography: Manfrotto Compact 680B

Price: £50, $70
Buy it:
Manfrotto's so-called 'compact' monopod is actually quite large, and it's the heaviest in the group at 830g.

It also boasts a 10kg maximum load rating and is based on a four-section leg that extends from 51-154cm.

With beefy leg section diameters that range from 20-35mm, there's no shortage of rigidity on offer here.

Considering that the Manfrotto is the same price as the Benro monopod, it's unfortunate that there's no tilt facility.

Instead, Manfrotto sells a Monopod Tilt Head separately, available as either the 234 or 234RC, the latter of which adds a quick-release plate.

They cost about £17/$24 and £25/$45 respectively, so at least don't add too much to the price.

Pros… Impressive build quality and plenty of strength.
Cons… Maximum height is a bit short, tilt head sold separately.
WE say… A premium monopod, but a head pushes the price up.

Score: 4/5