Best monopod for DSLR photography: 6 top models tested and rated

Best monopod for DSLR photography: Slik Pro Pod 600

Price: £45, $60
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At 600g, the Slik is almost exactly the same weight as the Giottos monopod, yet has a maximum load rating that's less than half, stated as 5.5kg.

Despite this it feels pretty much as strong, and you can lean on it heavily without any slippage apparent in the locking mechanisms.

With a four-section design, its minimum and maximum heights are pretty average at 54cm and 160cm respectively. The diameters of the sections range from 20-30mm.

There's no tilt facility as the fixed platform screws directly into the camera. There is, however, a freely rotating cushion that helps to avoid any scuffing of the camera's bottom plate - but this is less than ideal if you want to fit a ball head, like the Slik SBH-100, which costs about £22/$25.

Pros… Strong build punches above its maximum load rating.
Cons… Lacks tilt, rotating plate cushion not ideal for a head.
WE say… Sturdy, and good if you only shoot in landscape.

Score: 3/5