How to clean your Xbox Series S

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Quick steps

  • Unplug your Xbox Series S from the mains first
  • Remove the two white covers at the back of the console, located near the connection ports. Remove the screws beneath
  • Remove the casing from your Xbox Series S, disconnect it from the chassis, and dust each part with compressed air, a low-powered vacuum, or another cleaning device
  • Reattach the console case, then reconnect your Xbox Series S to the mains

Tools and Requirements

  • An Xbox Series S
  • Compressed air, microfiber cloths, isopropyl alcohol, low-powered vacuum
  • A T8 and T10 screwdriver bit

How to clean your Xbox Series S 

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If your Xbox Series S has been louder than normal lately, it might be in need of a clean. An accumulation of dust can lead to your console’s fans kicking up faster than usual, resulting in increased noise and the risk of overheating. Worse case scenario, you could end up with a hardware failure. 

If you’d rather not risk that, make sure you clean your Xbox Series S at regular intervals, particularly if you own pets or smoke. Microsoft doesn’t recommend an internal clean, the official guidance is external only, but thankfully it’s not difficult to take your console apart, and assuming you don’t break anything while doing so, this won’t void your warranty, either. Of course, if you’re not comfortable doing this, stick with an external clean only. 

If you’re looking for a detailed breakdown on how to clean your Xbox Series S, then, follow the steps below. 


Back of an Xbox Series S showing the ports

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  • Turn off your Xbox Series S fully, unplugging it from the mains.
  • Place the Xbox Series S on a clean table. Do not place it on a carpet, floor, or rug with long fibers.
  • Remove the two white covers at the back of the console, located near your connection ports. Use a T8 screwdriver bit to remove the screws hidden underneath them.
  • Once the screws are removed, the bottom casing from your Xbox Series S will be freed so place it aside on a clean surface.
  • Turn your console over and remove the seven green screws, using a T10 screwdriver bit. Push apart the two sides of the white plastic case, allowing you to separate the chassis
  • Use this opportunity to remove any dust from the plastic case. This can be done using compressed air, a low-powered vacuum, a microfibre cloth, or a clean brush. After finishing up, place it to the side. 
  • Return to the chassis and clear away any dust deposits.
  • Once done, reconnect the plastic case to the chassis, placing the screws back in with your T10 and T8 screwdriver bit as previously outlined. 
  • Reconnect your Xbox Series S to the mains, and return your console to its prior location.

What about externally cleaning my Xbox Series S?

Xbox Series S

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A standard brush works for cleaning out the holes and ports on your Xbox Series S, as does a low-powered vacuum cleaner.

For general cleaning, Microsoft recommends using premoistened disinfectant wipes, or a microfiber cloth that’s been “dampened with a little bit of mild soap and water.” Like any electrical device, disconnect your Series S from the power source first before starting. Microsoft has universal advice that covers the whole Xbox One and Xbox Series family, advising you to wipe down the external surface using an “isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution.”

How often should I clean my Xbox Series S?  

Microsoft suggests cleaning your console every three to six months but in practice, personal circumstances means this’ll differ. Everyone has a different home setup, and most consoles don’t usually require much more than a standard dusting. 

That said, if you’ve got pets or carpeted floors, dust and hair can accumulate quickly. If your Xbox Series S fan sounds like an airplane, that’s a good sign that you need to clean your console. Fans will increase in speed to cool your console more effectively, but overdoing this can lead your Xbox Series S to overheat.

Final thoughts

Prevention is certainly better than the cure, and it’s hard to disagree when it comes to hardware maintenance. Air purifiers go a long way in combating dust build-up, so if you don’t fancy cleaning your Xbox Series S regularly, remember to replace the filters. Like any console, frequent cleaning is sensible advice, just avoid leaving it on the floor. Wherever you place it, ensure these surfaces are also frequently cleaned.

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