Untitled Goose Game devs just announced the quirky adventure game Big Walk

Two characters looking at the sunset
(Image credit: House House)

We've just gotten another new announcement at The Game Awards 2023, and this time, it's from House House, the developers behind Untitled Goose Game.

Big Walk is the newest indie game from the iconic studio. It is set to be a quirky puzzle game that you can enjoy with friends or alone. The story takes place in a deserted Australian bushland inspired by Wilsons' Promontory National Park with a bunch of bizarre characters. 

The trailer that was released during The Game Awards 2023 showcased everything this upcoming indie game has to offer. The desolate yet stunning visuals show off the abandoned and wild island. With various strange characters left to explore, we get to see characters jumping out of the sky, fighting one another, and telling stories around the campfire. 

Big Walk will be multiplayer, as the trailer boasts that it will be "a new video game for you and your friends." It will also include proximity chat to mix things up and throw a funny, quirky spanner in the works.

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So far, Big Walk simply looks like a wandering simulator with impeccable vibes. With various ways to pass the time, how you experience this game with your friends is entirely up to you. An idea that is both lovely and slightly scary. 

While the themes could be seen as a bit loose, House House will definitely be able to pull it off. With games like Push Me Pull You and Untitled Goose Game under their belt, this really does look like an exciting upcoming title. However, if you're a fan of the terrifying goose and are looking for a new game to play right now, then you shouldn't sleep on Doggy Don't Care.

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