This new Haunted Chocolatier screenshot just set off a slew of fan theories

A screenshot from Haunted Chocolatier.
(Image credit: ConcernedApe)

Haunted Chocolatier is quite easily one of the most highly anticipated indie games in the works right now, and its creator, ConcernedApe (real name Eric Barone) just shared an intriguing new screenshot that has sent prospective players wild.

ConcernedApe, who also created the eternally popular farming game, Stardew Valley, announced that he was working on Haunted Chocolatier in October 2021. In the simulation RPG, players will take on the role of a chocolatier who lives in a haunted castle, and who must collect ingredients to make their own chocolates to sell. Work on the game commenced in 2020, and much about it remains a mystery. 

As such, it's understandable as to why a new screenshot would spark such excitement in the fanbase. The image in question depicts an unnamed elderly man wearing a sparkly, matching purple pajama and nightcap set (very fashionable), tucked up in a bed in a spooky darkened room full of books. To another unknown figure standing next to his bed, he says: “I was just having the most terrible dream.”

So, what does it all mean? Well, pretty much everyone seems to be firm in the belief that this stylish, sleepy fellow bears a striking resemblance to Stardew Valley’s Grandpa (who passes on his farm to the player when he dies at the start of the game). Is this a mere coincidence, or is this actually the very same person? As PC Gamer reports, fans have been trying to work out the answers. 

“Okay HEAR ME OUT: Haunted Chocolatier is synchronous with Stardew Valley,” one Twitter user speculated. “Grandpa gives one grandchild the farm, and the other the chocolate shop (Grandpa is a multi-industry mogul). The Stardew Valley character we all play has a sibling in another town, running another family business.”

Others have suggested that - assuming that is Stardew’s Grandpa in the bed - Haunted Chocolatier could even be a prequel, given that the guy is seemingly still alive. One fan wondered if we could even get a “glimpse of his old life” and get some of that sweet Grandpa lore that we’ve all been missing. 

At the time of writing, though, this is pure speculation. For now, we’ll just have to wait for ConcernedApe to reveal more information as the game progresses through development.

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