The Xbox Elite Series 2 has had its price slashed meaning you can pick up a premium controller for less

Price Cut on the Xbox Elite Series 2.
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Update, February 19, 2024 - Sadly, this deal has now finished. We've left the original price cut below as we saw it last week so you can browse it as was, but if you're looking for the latest lowest price on the Elite Series 2 you'll have to head further down the page to our price-finding tech.

If you want to secure a saving on one of the best Xbox controllers, then don’t miss out on this tempting offer on the Xbox Elite Series 2, thanks to this year's Presidents' Day sales event.

The usually pricey controller is down to just $144.99 (was $179.99) at Dell, which is a pretty formidable saving of $35. Although it’s not quite as tempting as the lowest-ever price of $137.99 we saw at Amazon last June, it’s not far off and comfortably the best deal we have seen on the product for quite some time.

Featuring a swappable d-pad and alternate thumbsticks, this could be a worthy upgrade if you’re currently making do with the stock Xbox Wireless Controller. The Xbox Elite Series 2 also features a trigger lock, with three alternate settings, which is perfect if you enjoy playing some of the best FPS games or titles like Fortnite

In addition to some convex thumbsticks, a precision aim thumbstick, and a more traditional d-pad module, the package includes a robust carrying case and charging dock, giving you everything you need to enjoy the controller to its fullest.

It is compatible with the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One, but also works brilliantly as a PC controller and is supported by plenty of games making it a superb choice for anyone on any of those platforms looking for some extra from their gamepad. 

Today's best Xbox Elite Series 2 deal

Xbox Elite Series 2: $179.99$144.99 at Dell
Save $35 -

Xbox Elite Series 2: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">was $179.99 now $144.99 at Dell
Save $35 - A super tempting saving on the excellent Xbox Elite Series 2, this could be the perfect opportunity to upgrade. Featuring swappable thumbsticks and a removable d-pad, alongside a premium carrying case and charging dock, this is a high-end controller for less.

Outside of the US? Here are the top Xbox Elite Series 2 deals in your region as located by our super intelligent deal-finding tech:

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