The PS5 Slim's disc drive can be swapped between consoles easily - but you need an internet connection

An in-depth look at the attachable disk drive on the new PS5 model releasing in November 2023.
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Although it is currently slated for an unspecified “November” release, the new, slimmer PlayStation 5 model is already starting to appear at a handful of retailers. A bundle containing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available right now at Walmart alongside a host of other early Black Friday PS5 deals.

It therefore is no surprise that some customers are getting their hands on the console a little early, including the popular YouTuber Ryan Biniecki who has posted a comprehensive unboxing and comparison video to their channel.

In addition to outlining the console’s reduced size and weight, they use the video to answer several pressing questions about the system’s new detachable disc drive module. Although it was discovered last month that you'll need an internet connection in order to install the disc drive, many have been left wondering whether it will be at all possible to move your disc drive to another PS5 console after it has already been installed on one system.

Thankfully, it appears that you will be able to swap the disc drives around, at least according to what was demonstrated in Biniecki’s video, but there is a catch. In addition to requiring an internet connection the first time it is installed on a console, the disc drive will also require a connection to install every time it is subsequently moved to a new system. This connection is only needed once per console, but without it the system won’t accept discs at all.

Although this isn’t too unexpected given the internet requirement for the initial installation, it does spark further fears about the decision’s potential impact on future video game preservation efforts. As the disc drive requires an initial connection to Sony’s servers, there might come a time several years down the line when the servers are taken offline and uninstalled versions of the disc drive module become wholly unusable.

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