The PS5 bundle deal that included a PlayStation Portal has sold out - here are your best remaining options

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Update: This PS5 bundle from Antonline has unfortunately sold out. You can see below how we reported on the deal originally - and keep trying the links just in case stock reappears. - and you can also jump straight to the remaining best PS5 bundles as your options for getting a new console.

Everybody who's on the lookout for a PlayStation 5 bundle or a PlayStation Portal in time for the holidays should listen up right now: Antonline's PS5 bundle deal that throws in a PlayStation Portal and Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for $699.98 right now (down from $759.98) is still available!

This bundle is with the new PS5 Slim model too, so there's new hardware everywhere you look. There's no denying that this will be attractive to those hunting elusive PlayStation Portal stock, however, for anyone looking for a standalone first PS5 bundle, this is a heck of an offering too considering it's the new PS5 Slim model and you get Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Today's best PS5 bundle and PlayStation Portal deal

PS5 Slim + PlayStation Portal + Marvel's Spider-Man 2: was $759.98 now $699.98 at Antonline Out of StockSave $60

PS5 Slim + PlayStation Portal + Marvel's Spider-Man 2: was $759.98 now $699.98 at Antonline Out of Stock
Save $60 - This is a really excellent bundle bursting at the seams with new PlayStation 5 hardware! However, the main thing here is that this PS5 bundle deal is a bonafide means of actually getting your hands on a PlayStation Portal - and it might just arrive before Christmas too. If you're keen, act quickly!

Today's best regular PS5 bundle and console deals

If you're only interested in a PS5 console, then fear not as we've got you covered there too - below, we've got the best currently available deals on the console on its own as well as a Portal-less bundle right now.

PS5 Slim console: $449 at Walmart

PS5 Slim console: $449 at Walmart
Simple and straightforward, if you're looking for the console only then Walmart has your back. Easy.

Price check: Best Buy - $499.99 | Amazon - $499

UK Price: Amazon - £478 | John Lewis - £479.99

PS5 Slim + Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: $499 at Walmart

PS5 Slim + Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: $499 at Walmart
If you want the best value bundle on the console only right now then the Modern Warfare 3 PS5 Slim bundle at Walmart is likely your best bet. However, the retailer also has also got the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 bundle for $499 if you just want that this Christmas.

Price check: Best Buy - $499.99 | Amazon - $499

UK price: ebuyer - £509.99 (not Slim)

Despite it being a large bundle - something Antonline has a bit of a reputation for commonly offering on consoles - we expect interest in this PS5 deal to be intense given the inclusion of the PlayStation Portal, the new PS5 model, and one of the best PS5 games you can play.

If you're looking for a more birds-eye view of the prices on PS5s, or want to see the latest price in your region then our automatic, self-updating price-finding tech should be able to help you out with some prices below.


What does the Antonline PS5 PlayStation Portal bundle include?

In this specific Antonline PS5 bundle deal we've highlighted, you get:

- A PS5 Slim console
- A copy of Marvel's Spider-Man 2
- A PlayStation Portal remote play handheld device

Do you need a PS5 to use a PlayStation Portal?

Yes - the PlayStation portal needs to be tied to a PS5. This is perhaps one of the reasons that Antonline have bundled the device and a new console altogether, as it makes the perfect new PS5 hardware bundle to embrace PlayStation and remote play.

If you're looking for more of the latest PS5 hardware and accessories then check in with our dedicated Pulse Explore restock tracker, our Pulse Elite pre-order guide, and our where to buy PS5 Slim guide.

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