Nintendo has a plan to combat potential Switch 2 resellers - simply make enough of its next console

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During Nintendo’s 84th annual shareholder meeting, company president Shuntaro Furukawa was asked about what kind of measures would be in place to prevent resellers from affecting the availability of the Nintendo Switch 2

As detailed in the recently released shareholder Q&A document which we have machine translated, the second question of the meeting saw a shareholder enquire “about resale measure for the Nintendo Switch successor.” They stated that a plan to introduce some measures was explored “at last year’s shareholder’s meeting” but wanted to find out whether anything was currently underway.

In response, Furukawa simply stated that “as a countermeasure for resale, we believe that it is most important to produce a sufficient number to meet customer demand. This idea has not changed since last year.”

“In addition to this,” he continued, “we will also take into account the circumstances of each region and make decisions within the limits permitted by law. We are currently considering whether any countermeasures can be taken in this area.”

He also explains that circumstances have changed since the years of the global semiconductor shortage, which made it particularly difficult to find Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 hardware throughout late 2020 and 2021. “There were times when we were unable to produce hardware, but that situation has now been resolved,” he said, “we do not believe that the lack of parts will have a major impact on production at this time.”

We will ultimately have to wait to find out whether or not this strategy proves effective, but Furukawa’s words should offer some reassurance to those who are particularly worried about having to pay over the odds for the tentatively named Nintendo Switch 2.

Nintendo has previously confirmed that a Nintendo Switch successor will be announced “within this fiscal year” so we wouldn’t be surprised if the company is gearing up for a full reveal in the coming months.

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