Lethal Company's dev wants updates to feel like they 'broke into an alien zoo and released all the animals'

Lethal Company
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Lethal Company is expected to receive its Version 50 update soon, and the developer has shared an update on its status on Twitter. We don't have any idea of what this entails, but given how much effort is going into bulking it out, there's a chance it could be an incredibly significant update to the game. 

In a Tweet, Lethal Company's developer, Zeekerss, stated "I have Version 50 slowly cooking, I could release it now but I want it to be really substantial." While this doesn't provide us any sort of timeframe as to when we can expect this version to be released, it does suggest that it could be coming quite soon given the developer's confirmation of how it could be released now. 

In addition, Zeekerss stated that they are starting to feel it may be better for updates for the game to become larger but less frequent. The Tweet continues "I really want content updates to Lethal Company to feel like I broke into an alien zoo and released all the animals."

One of the main appeals of Lethal Company is the horrors lurking within the alien planets you visit, so unleashing an entire zoo's worth of creatures is bound to make the already scary experience all the more chilling. This also suggests that we can expect to see some all-new monsters in Version 50 and future updates when they come.  

Hopefully, progress on Version 50 continues to be smooth sailing, and we see the update roll out sooner rather than later. For more updates, it's worth keeping an eye on Zeekers' X (formerly Twitter) page so you know when it's best to embark on another scrap forage with its newest version. 

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