Tales of Arise is getting an expansion two years after its launch

Tales of Arise expansion - Beyond the Dawn
(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Tales of Arise is getting a surprise, new expansion called Beyond the Dawn, two years after the game launched.

Bandai Namco unveiled the expansion during the September 14 State of Play livestream, where we got our first look at the upcoming expansion in a new trailer, as well as a November 9 release date for PS5Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Beyond the Dawn takes place after the main campaign and will focus on expanding the stories of The Six and adding 20+ hours of content. Players will also be introduced to a new character named Nazamil, as well as take part in new dungeons, bosses, and questlines in the game's "evolving world." You can check out the announcement trailer below.

Producer Yusuke Tomizawa shared more about the expansion in a PlayStation Blog post and spoke about Nazamil who is "a girl of both Dahnan and Renan blood and is the daughter of a Lord who stood in the way of the player in the main story of Arise."

"Our goal with this title, and one thing we were sure of during the test play – is that for players, this new experience would be similar [to] the feeling you get when you watch a movie and it turns out to be a good one," Tomizawa said.

"Since the release of Arise, we have received many requests from people who have enjoyed the main story for a continuation of the story and the development team has had in-depth discussions and deliberations on what kind of significance and appeal would be necessary if we were to seriously go beyond the original story. It was also a way for us to reflect on what Arise was for us."

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