Star Wars Outlaws gets a 10-minute gameplay demo at Ubisoft Forward showcasing seamless space travel

A spaceship in Star Wars Outlaws.
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Star Wars Outlaws just got an extended gameplay walkthrough at the Ubisoft Forward event, and it looks amazing.

Ahead of the game's launch this summer, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment showcased an in-depth look at its upcoming open-world Star Wars game, which included a preview at what space travel and combat looks like.

In the 10-minute walkthrough, we see our protagonist Kay Vess on a mission to Mos Eisley to track down an expert gunslinger. She starts out in Achra Station, a remnant from the Clone Wars that has turned into a trade hub for illegal contraband in outer space. There appears to be plenty of NPCs to interact with too, but we don't get a chance to see this.

What's probably the most exciting part of the preview is when Kay heads into space. Starting in the Achra Station landing port, she can be seen walking straight on to her ship and towards the cockpit, where she immediately takes control and heads out among the stars.

The transition from the station to open space looks seamless, and what's more, there appears to be no loading screens between hyperspace or entering the atmosphere of a planet.

We also got a look at how smooth the third-person dog fights work in space. When players come into contact with a threat or a find their bounty, they'll be able to easily maneuver their ship towards enemies and blast them to smithereens using their onboard weapons.

Star Wars Outlaws launches on August 30, 2024 for PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Pre-orders are now available.

While Star Wars Outlaws will be a single-player experience, players can expect two additional narrative expansions that will arrive post-launch, one of which is called Jabba’s Gambit - "a Day 1 exclusive mission" featuring the iconic crime lord.

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