Matthew McConaughey stars in new sci-fi RPG Exodus

(Image credit: Archetype Entertainment)

Exodus is a brand-new AAA science fiction action-adventure role-playing game franchise from Archetype Entertainment and Wizards of the Coast.

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey took the stage at The Game Awards 2023 to reveal the first action-packed story trailer for Exodus, in which he will play a major role, and it's confirmed to be coming to PlayStation 5Xbox Series X|S, and PC

The RPG will feature heavy sci-fi elements, with the emotional story trailer showcasing cinematic scenes set in the vastness of space, as well as something called "Time Dilation", interstellar travel space travel, unique alien enemies, and third-person gunplay.

To put a bit of meat on those bones, time dilation is often used as a descriptor of elapsed time between two clocks that are in motion relative to each other - we sure hope Exodus spells this out clearly and teaches us more about this concept.

"We have only one chance to prevent extinction… the Travelers," the story description reads. "Your destiny is to lead the Travelers to the stars in the hunt to steal alien weapons and technology from the most powerful enemy in this universe – the Celestials.

"Leading the fight for salvation, you will be forced to make sacrifices putting everyone you love at risk. How much are you willing to sacrifice?"

The game will also feature choices and consequences, and the player will be able to recruit companions who are the "key to success".

There are vibes of Mass Effect here for sure - not necessarily a surprise given the folks making it have experience from the likes of BioWare (among other major studios. 

While the aforementioned platforms were confirmed, there was no mention of a release date or window, so this is a game to put firmly in the 'one to watch' category.

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