Helldivers 2's latest patch stops the game crashing if you have too many friends

Desert landscape in Helldivers 2
(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

Arrowhead Game Studios has released a small but significant Helldivers 2 patch to improve game stability connection issues.

Patch 01.000.006 was deployed on PC and PlayStation 5 today (February 14) and is in direct response to the series of ongoing reports from players regarding server connectivity issues and matchmaking bugs. 

The multiplayer shooter, which launched last week on February 8, received a patch recently for both PC and console with a similar goal to address performance, server, and login issues, however, Arrowhead was forced to roll back the PC version as players were "experiencing significant degradation in performance".

It looks like the latest patch has combated this problem by resolving disconnect and stability issues - with the studio explaining that it has improved backend activity to reduce the likelihood of disconnecting during missions. It has also implemented a "build for upcoming server matchmaking improvements" which are likely to be added with a later patch.

In addition, some players online have been experiencing a bug that would crash their game if they have too many friends, but this has thankfully been resolved with the latest patch, along with other crashes related to disconnecting during the joining cutscene.

Helldivers 2 version 01.000.006 patch notes:

For this patch, we have focused on the following areas:

  • Improved general game stability
  • Prepared build for upcoming server matchmaking improvements.
  • Resolving connectivity and disconnect issues.


  • Fixed crash when application was closed shortly after start
  • Game no longer crashes during extraction cutscene.
  • User profile with too many friends no longer causes crash.
  • Fixed crash when using text-to-speech during extraction cutscene
  • Game no longer crashes when users disconnect during the joining cutscene.
  • Operation Status in Mission Summary no longer causes crash.
  • Fixed crashes caused by leftover visual effects from disconnected players.
  • Game no longer crashes when using ADS.
  • Repaired instability in game data packing that caused increased patch sizes.
  • Improved backend connectivity, reduces likelihood of disconnecting in missions.
  • Improved matchmaking experience and likelihood of success.

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