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Helldivers 2 is set to arrive early next year, and following on eight years after the first game, there are a lot of expectations being set for the arrival of a successor. But, even though we have a few trailers under our belts, we’ve still got a fair bit to learn about how it's going to build upon the foundations set almost a decade ago.

If you’re a fan of gory, intergalactic shooters, there’s a reason Helldivers 2 should be added to your list of upcoming games worth keeping an eye on. With how expansive and in-depth the map and combat systems seem already, there’s a chance it could become one of the best multiplayer PC games if not one of the best PS5 games in general.

Here's everything we know about Helldivers 2 so far, including its release date, the latest trailers, and even some gameplay. As Sony reveals more about the game, we'll be sure to update this page.

Helldivers 2 - cut to the chase 

Desert landscape in Helldivers 2

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  •  What is it? A third-person squad-based shooter facing rising alien threats, and sequel to Helldivers (PS4, PS4, PS Vita)
  •  When can I play it? February 8, 2024
  •  What can I play it on? PlayStation 5 and PC 
  •  Who makes it? Arrowhead Game Studios 

Helldivers 2 release date and platforms

Snowy environment in Helldivers 2

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Helldivers 2 launches February 8, 2024 for PS5 and PC. Given that the game is being published by PlayStation, it's likely to stay a console exclusive, at least for a while.

Helldivers 2 trailers

A tower surrounded by alien bugs in Helldivers 2

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Despite its upcoming release, we haven’t actually received many Helldiver 2 trailers. The initial announcement was showcased as part of Sony’s State of Play in the summer of 2023, offering the first look at in-game content and environments we can expect to navigate alongside how we can expect to face a few of the larger enemies. At the end of the trailer, we receive the platforms the game will be available on, alongside the window of '2023'. The full announcement trailer can be seen below: 

However, we’ve also received a co-op and combat trailer for Helldivers 2, which provides a deeper look at how certain weapons can be used and how fights against the onslaught of alien creatures will feel. We also learn a little bit about how important it is to strategize with your comrades to avoid lacking essential amour or equipment for certain enemies which you’ll inevitably need to face.  

Helldivers 2 story and setting

Helldivers 2 key art

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The story of Helldivers 2 takes place in a galaxy where alien invaders are starting to slip through the cracks and put your planet under threat. Hoards of unknown creatures are starting to shatter the peace and wreak havoc on the inhabitants of your planet, and the world as you know it is starting to descend into chaos.

As a Helldiver, it’s your responsibility to combat these alien forces and protect your home planet and restore peace. In doing so, you’ll need to engage in high-stakes combat with an onslaught of alien lifeforms alongside your comrades. With a powerful arsenal at your disposal, Helldivers 2 offers the opportunity to customize your weaponry to your playstyle, so you’re free to play around and find a style that suits you so you can confidently take part in the Galactic War. 

Helldivers are the first line of defense, so the fate of civilization rests on your shoulders. You will need to utilize your environments and your weaponry within the game to dispose of the aliens coming to cause chaos on your planet in waves alongside your companions in what could become one of the best co-op games, but that doesn’t mean the challenge won’t put you and your comrade's skills to the ultimate test of survival.

Helldivers 2 gameplay

There’s still a lot to learn about Helldivers 2 gameplay, but we do know a little about what to expect to stop us from going in completely blind. As the second installment to the series, we expect the in-game content to shake up the original formula, but the limited trailers we are working with aren’t giving away too much information. That said, there are a few things we can pinpoint from what we have seen.

Firstly, the most drastic change to how Helldivers 2 plays is the viewpoint. The first game, Helldivers, offered a top-down squad-based shooter, whereas the second installment takes things third-person, offering a more intimate look at the game rather than the traditional top-down view. This time around, you’ll be closer to the action, which helps to make the experience more immersive and also more intense. 

When going into combat, a wide range of weapons will be available, and you’re able to customize your loadouts to suit your playstyle. So, whether you prefer to keep your distance and cause serious damage, or whether you’d prefer to get up close and personal with the oncoming alien hoards, there are enough weapons to suit everyone's preferences, and you and your team can plan accordingly to strike from every angle. Plus, with the official ESRB rating of the game stating that players should be prepared for intense violence and blood and gore, we can expect combat to level up within this game in comparison to eight years ago.

We also know that Helldivers 2 will heavily rely on cooperation between you and your comrades in order to take down incoming hordes of enemies. Because of this, communication and teamwork are key, but that doesn’t mean the missions you embark on will be easy. But also, with friendly fire active at all times your actions could also be the downfall of your squad, making it even more important to play tactically. 

The map itself is significantly larger too, meaning there’s more space for you and your squad to explore, but in turn, you also need to be covering all basis faster. An expansive map also means more potential areas for enemies to be lurking. You’ll need to strategize on missions and work toward objectives together, as venturing out on your own could be detrimental. 

Your strategy also depends on which mission you’re taking on, and you do need to consider your armor alongside your weapons. As stated in the co-op and combat trailer, each mission will require specific load-outs which are worth considering, so you’ll need to get really familiar with your available equipment in order to successfully take down any larger enemies.

Helldivers 2 news

A shadowy environment in Helldivers 2

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Helldivers 2 gets a February release date as announced on PlayStation blog
Helldivers 2 is slated to release on February 8, 2024, which has been announced on the official PlayStation blog and confirms the suspicion of the title being pushed back from the original release date of late 2023. 

Helldivers 2 gets official ERSB rating
An official ERSB rating for Helldivers 2 has been released, providing the first idea of what to expect from the title in terms of combat and content. Intense violence and blood and gore suggest that combat will be more brutal than the previous Helldivers title from eight years ago, but the release of a rating suggests that a release date or announcement for the game could be pretty imminent. 

Helldivers 2 announced at Sony’s State of Play
As part of Sony’s State of Play in May 2023, Helldivers 2 was announced with a release window of 2023. Within the recruitment trailer, we see an animated opening where one of the giant hostile bug enemies attacks the family of the narrator before the trailer takes us through some in-game footage captured on PS5. We see a mixture of combat and animated cinematics walking us through several environments, which is the first look we have at the vast landscapes on offer within Helldivers 2.  

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