Supervise your child’s online activity with this super affordable app

The best free parental control software
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On a daily basis, many children and teenagers may spend hours looking at screens. This might be a good way to keep kids occupied, but unregulated screen time is said to have detrimental effects on your child’s cognitive and social development, sleep, and overall health.

Thankfully, there are parental control apps out there designed to let you supervise your children’s device usage with ease. Qustodio is a leading example, also allowing you to block inappropriate content, control the apps and games your children launch and monitor communications. 

Until May 6, Qustodio is offering 20% off across all three premium plans with coupon code T320_0FF. The Small plan can protect up to five devices and is now available for just $43.96 (roughly £30) per year, while the ten-device Medium plan comes in at $77.56 (roughly £55) per year. For anyone that needs protection for more than ten devices, the Large plan can now be had for $110.36 (roughly £80) per year.

Qustodio Small Plan: $54.95  $43.96 per yearSave 20%T320_0FF

Qustodio Small Plan: $54.95  $43.96 per year | 5 devices
Save 20% - Supervise, manage, and protect your child's device with ease. Use coupon code: T320_0FF

QustodioMediumPlan: $96.95$77.56 per yearSave 20%T320_0FF

Qustodio Medium Plan: $96.95 $77.56 per year  10 devices Save 20% - Extended reporting, time limits, call tracking and blocking and other premium features for up to ten devices. Use coupon code: T320_0FF

QustodioLargePlan: $137.95$110.36 per yearSave 20%T320_0FF

Qustodio Large Plan: $137.95 $110.36 per year | 10+ devices
Save 20% - All the excellent features available with the previous plans, but for a greater number of devices. Use coupon code: T320_0FF

Premium plans come with a range of features that all parents will find extremely handy. These include extended reporting, pornography blocking, YouTube monitoring, social network activity monitoring, calls and SMS tracking and a GPS locator.

These features are all geared towards limiting the amount of time kids spend looking at screens and ensuring they remain safe when they are on their devices.

Why is this a great deal?

Qustodio's parental control system includes just about every feature a parent needs to protect their youngsters from the effects of excess screen time, as well as various online threats. The company's rich feature set and clever social media tracking tool have earned it a strong reputation in the market. 

The service also supports all manner of devices (laptops, tablets, computers, smartphones etc.) spanning popular platforms such as Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Kindle.

With this deal, protecting your children is all the more affordable.

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