PS5 restock live at Game with Horizon Forbidden West and Digital Editon bundles

PS5 restock at Game
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UK retailer Game has surprised us all with a PS5 restock this morning featuring a small selection of PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition bundles. 

You should be able to get straight through to the site this morning with no need to queue and take your pick of what's available. Individual consoles and some of the cheaper bundles are already sold out, but if try a few of the options you should find many are still available to buy.

PS5 restock at Game

PS5: bundles from £474.97 at Game

PS5: bundles from £474.97 at Game
Individual consoles are not available, but there is a decent selection of bundles available for today's PS5 restock at Game. You can choose between most of them right now, but our advice is to load up on your most-wanted games and accessories while avoiding unnecessary clothing items - if you can. If you try to buy one and find it's out of stock you'll have to pick another as some are not available today or are already sold out.

The cheapest option we've spotted that's actually in stock is this PS5 with Horizon Forbidden West and an extra DualSense controller for £584.97. The PS5 console is usually priced at £449.99, so that means you're effectively paying the full £69.99 RRP for a copy of the game and £64.99 for the PS5 controller. That's pricey, but hardly any other stores are selling either for much less than those recommended prices anyway.

If you fancy other extras, you can also go for a PS5 bundle featuring the DualSense Charging Station, Pulse 3D Wireless Headset or one of the PS5 console covers. In our opinion, the Charging Station bundle is a solid value option as it also comes with an extra DualSense so you can make sure you've always got a controller fully charged - and have one spare for any co-op gaming sessions.

There are also a couple of PS5 Digital Edition bundles if you'd prefer that version of the console instead. This is the one that doesn't include a disk drive so you will have to buy all of your games digitally. It's cheaper upfront, but the PSN Store usually marks up the prices of games compared to physical retailers so you may end up spending more in the long run.

Based on recent trends, we expect these PS5 bundles to be available for most of the morning. It's definitely getting a lot easier to buy a PS5 in the UK - but we can't say the same for the US. If you do want to keep up with the latest on PS5 restock then our where to buy the PS5 guide has all the info you need on current and upcoming console availability. It's updated regularly with all the latest PS5 restock news and all the latest tips to help our readers secure a console. 

For any extras, our PS5 deals page has all the latest discounts on cheap PS5 games, accessories and more. And if you're not after the PS5? You can always keep up to date with the latest on where to buy the Xbox Series X and where to find the best Nintendo Switch bundles right here as well.

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