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Hours after consoles were first made available, the latest PS5 restock is still live at Game. The UK retailer has a few more PS5 bundles available to buy right now but the PS5 Digital Edition is now sold out. A queue system was in place but has now been disabled so you should be able to get in and buy a console almost immediately.

Standalone consoles are not available during this PS5 restock, so your only option is to go for a bundle. The cheapest option is this PS5 with Horizon Forbidden West and an extra DualSense controller for £579.97. The PS5 console is usually priced at £449.99, so that means you're effectively paying the full £69.99 RRP for a copy of the game. That's pricey, but not many other stores are selling it for less than £55 anyway.

If that doesn't inspire you, other bundles are in stock with Gran Turismo 7, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. There are also bundles with accessories included, such as extra PS5 DualSense controllers. Lastly, there were two PS5 Digital Edition bundles with PS Plus and PSN Store Credit, but given the limited availability of this version of the console, they went very quickly.

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that your PS5 will arrive before Easter - even if you choose the priority delivery option. Game currently guarantees dispatch by April 19 with this more expensive option, while standard delivery orders will be sent before April 22. Nevertheless, it's a good opportunity to get one today safe in the knowledge it will arrive within the next week.

PS5 restock at Game

PS5: bundles from £519.98 at Game

PS5: bundles from £519.98 at Game
Individual consoles may not be available, but there are still many bundles available today at Game. You can have your pick of them all right now, but our advice is to load up on your most-wanted games and accessories while avoiding the unneccessary clothing items. If you do find one is out of stock you can simply try another to see if you have any better luck.

We expect good availability for the rest of the morning, but if these bundles suddenly sell out and you don't manage to score yourself a console with this PS5 restock then we recommend checking in at our main where to buy the PS5 guide and bookmarking the page. It's updated regularly with all the latest PS5 restock news and all the latest tips to help our readers secure a console. For any extras, our PS5 deals page has all the latest discounts on cheap PS5 games, accessories and more.

You can also check the links to buy a PS5 at various retailers below, including the PS5 Digital Edition. Keep checking these as more consoles will hit the shelves throughout 2022. Whatever you do, we'd recommend not paying over the odds to scalpers because restocks are now more frequent - and, going by this one, longer-lasting too.

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