Hurry! AMD Ryzen 7 laptop price slashed to $299 in exclusive Walmart deal

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Walmart has a scorching hot deal on this Gateway laptop, exclusively available from the US retailer. Right now, this Ryzen 7 15.6-inch notebook is on sale for $299 at Walmart. That’s a discount of more than $140 compared to its full list price of $445 (note that it’s available only in blue, the gray version sells for full price). And it’s also one of the best value for money laptop deals we’ve spotted so far this month. So, if you want to work and play in style, then it’s a ruddy good pick.

Gateway Ryzen 7 laptop: was $447 now $299 @ Walmart

Gateway Ryzen 7 laptop: was $447 now $299 @ Walmart
The Gateway GWNR71517-BL is the cheapest Ryzen 7 laptop we’ve seen in a while but it still packs some remarkable components that make it perfect for a small business, freelancer or student. Other than its powerful processor, I like its 512GB SSD, its fingerprint reader, a proper numeric keypad and its large display. Right now, you can grab it for less than $300 including delivery.

Powered by Windows 11 Home, the GWNR71517-BL doesn’t sport the latest processor or graphics card but strikes a perfect balance when it comes to sheer value for money. The Ryzen 7 3700U CPU that powers has more cores than anything at this price point. Ditto for the large capacity, removable SSD (512GB) which has the added advantage of being PCIe (rather than slower-and-older SATA).

It has 8GB of RAM which should be enough for most chores. Other noteworthy points include a pair of speakers, a full size numeric keypad, great for data entry (making it an ideal laptop for engineering students for example or as a business laptop) and a fingerprint scanner that’s integrated into the touchpad.

A large screen (15.6-inch, full HD) provides enough versatility for a variety of use cases and is powered by a capable AMD Radeon RX Vega 10 GPU. Walmart claims that the laptop can last 10 hours (very optimistic I think) and I can only applaud the fact that it comes with a microSD card slot, four other physical connectors and a 2-megapixel (full HD) webcam.

Yes, it has a few flaws: no privacy shutters, a plastic chassis, soldered RAM and uses a Realtek Wi-Fi card. None of these however can distract from the fact that there’s nothing that remotely comes close to it as far as its bang-for-the-buck appeal. The laptop comes with 12-months warranty and free shipping; shame that there’s no option to add extra warranty to it.

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