Get a super cheap (but good) gaming PC in the HP Memorial Day sale today

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The yearly Memorial Day sales (opens in new tab) aren't just about grills and appliances you know, you can also find fantastic deals on tech - like super-cheap gaming PCs, for example.

One of the best pre-Memorial Day deals we've seen this week is on this HP Victus 15L gaming PC over at the official store (opens in new tab). It retails for $584.99 out of the box, but a flat $200 discount and HP's customize-before-you-buy configurator is what really offers the value here.

For example, a build with an AMD 5 5600G processor, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and most importantly a GTX 1660 Super graphics card, comes out at just $624.99 today thanks to that flat discount. This isn't a high-end machine by any stretch of the imagination but it'll get you smoothly gaming on a 1080p setup for an incredibly reasonable price.

For a bit more power, consider adding an RTX 3060 graphics card. This one comes with a $200 upcharge but will get you a significant jump in performance as well as unlock Ray-Tracing and DLSS - two graphical features that are quickly becoming a staple in most modern titles. You could also consider adding a 512GB SSD for $70 but this is down to personal preference. It's always handy to have more storage but it's often cheaper to just buy it on Amazon (opens in new tab) or Newegg (opens in new tab) - the same goes with RAM too.

Either way, this is easily one of the best cheap gaming PC deals (opens in new tab) on the market currently if you're just starting out. Using this configurator, it's very easy indeed to build a decent machine for eSports titles, Fortnite, Minecraft, or plenty of other popular games - and save a bit of cash on the side, too.

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Super cheap gaming PC at HP

HP Victus 15L gaming PC: $824.99 (opens in new tab)

HP Victus 15L gaming PC: $824.99 $624.99 at HP (opens in new tab)
Save $200
and build yourself a super cheap gaming PC with the HP Memorial Day sale this week. With an AMD 5 5600G processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD, you've got a great base for 1080p gaming with this HP Victus 15L pre-built. Either add a GTX 1660 Super graphics card for a superb budget option (included in this price) or add an RTX 3060 if you want a little more power (adds $200 to the price).

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