Don't miss these Xbox controller deals on quick charging stations for your gamepad

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If you're looking for excellent Xbox controller deals this Black Friday then we may have the perfect companion piece for you. That's because many different quick charging stations are available at the historic lowest prices today. They're able to match a vast variety of colors, too. 

The Razer Universal Quick Charging Station is a great companion to any Xbox controller, and you'll find various colors selling at the $29.99 mark (down from $40) depending on the specific edition. It's a return to the historic lowest prices on black,  pink, green, red, white, and blue

That means that regardless of what paint job you've got on your Xbox controller, you should find an ideal match to charge your gamepad. Do you have a more out-there variant? Well, the deals have you covered, too. There are also discounts on the Xbox 20th Anniversary stand at $34.99 (was $50) and the Forza Horizon 5 Edition as well also for $34.99

This is just a small taste of what's currently available in the Black Friday Xbox controller deals. If you want a place to charge and store your gamepad then you're in luck here. We're also seeing some excellent savings on the system itself with the Black Friday Xbox Series X deals as well and you keep track of all the latest deals on our Black Friday gaming deals live blog.

Today's best Xbox controller deals on Black Friday

Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand: was

Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand: was $40 now $29.99 at Amazon
Save $10 - With this 25% discount, the Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand returns to a historic lowest-ever price point. After a colorway that differs from your standard black? There's also pink, green, red, white, and blue at the same rate, too.

20th Anniversary Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand: was

20th Anniversary Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand: was $50 now $34.99 at Amazon
Save $15 - This is the cheapest price we're able to verify on the 20th anniversary variant of the stand. If you're lucky enough to have one of the transparent commemorative controllers, then this should pair perfectly.

Forza Horizon 5 Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand: was

Forza Horizon 5 Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand: was $50 now $34.99 at Amazon
Save $15 - We think that the Forza Horizon 5 paint job on the controller itself is pretty sharp, so what could accompany it more than a stand that bears the same festival spray over for a new low price?

More Xbox Controller deals over Black Friday

Want to get your hands on more Xbox controller deals where you are? We've got you covered. Our price comparison tech works around the clock to bring you all the best rates it can find on some of our favorite models where you are. 

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