Black Friday and Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals: what to expect this year

Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals

We think Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals are going to be one of the most sought-after items of the sales bonanza this year. Sought-after for sure, but will we actually get the mega discounts we crave? The discount you deserve after waiting all this time to treat yourself to Nintendo's best console in years. Hopefully Black Friday and Cyber Monday will deliver.

Here at TechRadar, we've got our eye on the latest Nintendo Switch prices all year around with our regularly updated guide to the hottest bundles, discount codes and cheapest prices on extras like spare Joy-Cons and Pro controllers. So we know what the prices are like and don't get overly excited about shady deals where you 'technically' save a few bucks by going for a bundle packed with cases and steering wheel attachments that you don't actually want - Amazon Prime Day was garbage this year for instance.

So when we do ring the deals alert bell and highlight a special offer on Black Friday, right here on this page, then you know it's something we're personally excited about and would consider buying for ourselves or loved ones. Don't worry, you're in good company, we're well aware of the whole buying a Nintendo Switch 'for the kids' scheme to get the console into your den for your own enjoyment too.  

So what will the hottest games be around Black Friday?

Nintendo's first-party published lineup of exclusives is seriously strong and most of them keep their prices around $60 long after release. Super Mario Odyssey is still a massive $59.99 at the time of writing. Other popular picks to look out for from Nintendo are Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Party and Super Smash Bros. 

There will be two new Pokemon games released just before Black Friday too, in the shape of Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go, Eevee. If either of those are two are on your Christmas list, we wouldn't hang about as we expect them to sell out by the Holidays. If you've not bought one by Cyber Monday, we'd at least be sure to pick one up by the end of November in-case there's a case of last-minute panic buying in December - if you've not had a discount by Cyber Monday we don't see one coming for the rest of the year. 

Pokemon nintendo switch bundles

Can I get any of these games in bundles?

Yes! These games will be in high demand and it'll always be worth checking out any bundles that include these first party titles. Because if they offer the games at a discounted rate, then it's a great chance to save money as we rarely see them come down in price when sold on their own. As a rule, just try to remember the base price of the console on its own is $299 (at best we've seen it drop to around $280) and the games mentioned above generally cost $45-$60. 

Who usually has the best bundles?

Well, we'll be bringing the best bundles right to you on this page to save you having twenty tabs open on all the usual outlets. Here in the US, we're used to only seeing a small number of retailers genuinely compete with the best Nintendo Switch bundles. And to be honest, they've been a bit of a letdown in 2018 o far, with actual discount over buying a game and console on their own being few and far between. Fingers crossed things shape up soon!

Amazon is of course a huge player here and the Lightning Deals will arguably be the best of the lot. You'll need to have your fingers on the buzzers for these deals though as last year on Black Friday their Nintendo Switch lightning deals sold out in less than a minute

Walmart has done a decent job this year, arguably the best out of everyone for keeping the Switch in stock and with some of the game bundle editions of the console too. Discounts haven't been particularly frequent, but when other big stores haven't had stock at all, why would they? 

Newegg and Jet could be ones to watch too as both stores seem to be capable of mustering stock around the Holidays. GameStop has struggled for discounted stock and seems to be getting muscled out of the action more and more with each passing year - we'll surely be checking in though as Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the best chance the biggest remaining gaming specialist retailer in the US will get to boost sales. Whatever happens though, we'll be keeping our eyes on all these retailers, along with plenty of others to bring you the final answer in Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals.

Nintendo Switch bundle deals

Black Friday Nintendo Switch bundle predictions

Ok, let's do this. What prices do we expect, or really hope, to see Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals go for? Well, let's be optimistic and say we'll get something better than last year's best which essentially saw the Switch bundled with a single Triple A game for no extra charge on the $299 RRP.

We've got our hearts set on something closer to $250 this year, ideally with two Triple A games - so any from that list we mentioned earlier. We've got a few members on the team who'd bite if a deal came along with a Neon red/blue Switch with Zelda and Splatoon 2 for $250 for example. 

There will probably be lots of other deals with third-party games (titles not published by Nintendo itself) that could go a touch cheaper, or maybe include more games at once or a mix of third-party and Nintendo titles. NBA 2K18, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Minecraft, Fortnite and more are prime for discounts and bundles.

You're probably thinking $250 and a couple of games? Isn't that a bit expensive for a console that's been out since March 2017? We completely agree to be honest, but here's the thing; Nintendo hates discounting it's own hardware (just like it's own games) so it's not exactly known for going out of its way to knock money off the RRP or sell large amounts of stock on the cheap to its suppliers.

And the Nintendo Switch has sold really well since launch. It's a natural at retail, it's got the TV ads running all year keeping it in the public's mind for Christmas presents and the portable nature of the console makes it popular over the summer too for taking on holidays or keeping kids quiet in the back of the car. With demand as strong as it is, Nintendo and its retail partners know too well it's going to sell well regardless of whether the bundles really offer any massive discounts.

But we know there will be some treasure, hidden amongst all the bloated bundles and we'll be right there to highlight them for you.

What Nintendo Switch deals are there right now?

Nintendo Switch | Fortnite DLC pack | $299.99 at Walmart
Fortnite's world dominating Battle Royale mode is free to download for all anyways, but this Nintendo Switch bundle should give you something of a head start thanks to the DLC content. The Switch alone is $299 elsewhere, so you're getting the extra content for free. The DLC includes 1000 V-bucks and some customization DLC.
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Nintendo Switch | carry case | play stand | $324 at Amazon
This Nintendo Switch bundle comes with a carry case that is ideal if you're taking the Switch out of the home and it has space for game cartridges and accessories too. You're also getting a play stand which will make it easier putting the console in a viewable position wherever you are. View this bundle at Amazon.
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Nintendo Switch | Mario Tennis Aces | 1-2-Switch | $359.96 at Walmart
This is great Nintendo Switch bundle for multiplayer as it comes with the new Super Mario Tennis. And seeing as the Joy-Con controllers come as a pair, you're able to dive into the two-player action straight away. This Switch deal also comes with 1-2-Switch minigames collection to get used to your new console's unique controls.
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