SpinTel's ripper NBN 250 deal is cheaper than most NBN 100 plans

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Finding a great-value NBN plan has become a little trickier since July 1, when NBN Co raised wholesale prices on many plans. But one internet service provider that continues to offer fantastic bang for buck – despite the increase in costs – is SpinTel. As a key example, while the telco’s super-popular NBN 250 plan has had a slight price increase of AU$4 per month, even with that bump it’s still frankly ridiculously good value, with a regular monthly price that’s cheaper than many NBN 100 plans – while offering twice the speed. 

Coming in at just AU$79 a month for the first six months before reverting to a regular ongoing price of AU$89.95p/m, the most you’ll pay in a year for SpinTel’s NBN 250 plan is AU$1,079.40. That’s around AU$200 cheaper per year (or AU$16.50 per month) compared to the average NBN 250 price.

To put that into greater context – and to highlight the serious value in this plan – most providers charge more than this for their NBN 100 plans, which as of July 2024 cost an average of AU$91.34p/m. There’s even a couple of ‘premium’ NBN providers charging more than this for their considerably slower NBN 50 plans. 

If there’s one tiny caveat to this plan, it’s that SpinTel only claims a typical evening speed of 211Mbps here, rather than this tiers theoretical maximum of 250Mbps – but this is only what you can expect during the traditionally busier evening hours. For context though, out of the 21 major internet providers we monitor there are only six that claim to reach the maximum speed for their NBN 250 plan, with the average typical evening speed sitting at 238Mbps.

SpinTel | NBN 250 | No lock-in contract | AU$79p/m

SpinTel | NBN 250 | No lock-in contract | AU$79p/m (first 6 months, then AU$89.95 ongoing)

Claiming a very respectable 211Mbps typical evening speeds, which is plenty fast enough for even demanding households, SpinTel's NBN 250 plan is outstanding value. With an introductory price – and even an ongoing price – that undercuts many slow NBN 100 plans, it's hard to argue with. If you have the eligible connection type at home, this is a high-speed NBN plan we wholeheartedly recommend. 

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The speed you need

The fact SpinTel doesn’t quote maximum possible speeds is hardly a negative against it, when you consider the majority of everyday internet tasks only require a fraction of that bandwidth. Watching a high definition Netflix stream, for example, needs only around 5Mbps and for those wanting to watch in Ultra HD 4K, a 25Mbps stream should suffice – meaning you could simultaneously watch 42 high-def or nine 4K streams at the same time with this plan. 

Where the 211Mbps speed provided by SpinTel’s plan will be truly beneficial is in larger households and family homes, where multiple people need to connect and stream at the same time. Having the extra bandwidth capacity available will ensure everyone has a smooth and buffer-free experience online.

Gamers, too, will appreciate NBN 250’s ability to download large games files far quicker than if they were connected to an NBN 100 or NBN 50 plan.

Quick switching

Switching your current NBN provider to SpinTel is quick and easy. You will first need to check your current provider's cancellation process – some require advanced notice, while others can cancel your plan more immediately – but then signing up with SpinTel is a seamless process. Just select your desired plan, fill in your address and other details, and SpinTel does the rest. 

Do note that SpinTel’s 211Mbps NBN plan is only available for households with either a fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) or a hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) connection. If you don’t have either of these, then it’s possible you can take advantage of the NBN’s free fibre upgrade program, which SpinTel supports. This will see your older FTTN or FTTC connection upgraded to full fibre infrastructure, without costing you a cent. 

Once connected, you can revel in a reliable connection that delivers on its promise of speed. Don’t just take our word for it either, but the numerous positive reviews on websites such as ProductReview, where the telco currently holds a 4.4 star rating out of 5, from just over 9,000 positive reviews. 

Customers shower praise on SpinTel’s great customer service in particular – so often the downfall of many internet providers – with the Australian company clearly leaning on its 25 years of experience in the broadband space to understand what matters most to its customers. 

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