Don't raid your savings just yet – MacBook Pro rumors point to big redesign in 2025

MacBook Pro 16-inch (2023) in use in a studio
(Image credit: Future)

Apple’s MacBook Pro could be in line for a major redesign in 2025, according to a prominent industry analyst. The news comes just days before the company is set to announce new MacBook Pro models at its “Scary Fast” October event.

The rumor comes from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Writing on X (formerly Twitter), Kuo argued that Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops powered by the M2 chip have led to a “significant decline in MacBook shipments in 2023.” To remedy that, Kuo believes Apple is going to launch MacBooks bearing the M3 chip sooner than expected – that is, this October – in order to revive interest in the device.

However, if the M3 MacBook Pro is unable to do that, and MacBook sales continue to slide, Apple might have to do something more significant, Kuo believes. As the analyst puts it, “if even the M3 can’t boost MacBook shipments, I think the likelihood of introducing the all-new design MacBook Pro in 2025 may increase.”

Adding to that, Kuo noted that Apple might also introduce “a more affordable MacBook model to boost shipments,” although the company is not yet decided on that point. That could be a welcome addition if you’re working with a tighter budget.

Analysis: Wait or buy now?

MacBook Pro 14-inch (2023) in a studio with lid partially closed showing Apple logo

(Image credit: Future)

Right now, we don’t know exactly what this mooted redesign might entail. However, there are rumors that Apple is seeking to replace the mini-LED displays in its high-end MacBook Pros with OLED panels, so we could be looking at that for the 2025 redesign. That said, other reports have pegged the OLED MacBook for 2026 at the earliest.

Whatever the case, it presents a tough question: should you wait for the new MacBooks or buy one now?

First, let’s look at the case for buying sooner rather than later. The next MacBook Pro – launching either at the Scary Fast event or early in 2024 – is widely tipped to come with a chip from Apple’s upcoming M3 generation. This will be built on the same 3-nanometer process as the A17 Pro in the iPhone 15 Pro, which is expected to bring notable improvements to performance and efficiency. That’s a good reason to buy now.

But a redesign is a redesign, and it could mean major changes to the MacBook Pro’s form factor and capabilities. We can’t say what those changes will be, but if you’re more interested in the overall package than just chip performance, it might be worth waiting.

Ultimately, we’ll have to see what happens with the MacBook Pro redesign. If Kuo is right and Apple ends up relying on it to improve MacBook sales, it could be worth holding out for.

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