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APCA 2020: Gold Award

Gold Award

The Gold Award is given to the company deemed to be the very best of 2019. To stand out in a field of such spirited competition, in the ever-evolving cauldron of PC tech, requires a team that has focus, talent, fresh thinking and the ability to deliver. Winning is the mark of a team that has it all.

Taking home the Gold is an honour its winner can be especially proud of – and that’s because it is you that decided this one. Voting ran across TechRadar and PC Gamer in February 2020. We hope you had your say!

(Image credit: Asus)

Winner: Asus

Offering consistent quality, range and innovation across a huge variety of categories, Asus wants to be number one at everything it does. Its untiring efforts lead to great choice for consumers and help drive the industry forward.