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The fatal flaw of the Palm Pre rears its head again. The App Catalog launched with a paltry 18 apps last June, and by January it had reached 1,000, but that's still diddly squat compared to what's on offer from the two leading players.

Palm pre plus

The amount of good quality free apps up for grabs isn't exhaustive either. You'd need to pay £2.19 for the Tweed Twitter app, which isn't even official. Every other leading platform offers a Twitter app for free.

However, the free Facebook app is very good – up there with the iPhone and BlackBerry incarnations and far better than the Facebook for Android monstrosity.

Palm pre plus

Clicking the grid in the top-right of the screen allows you to move between your profile, news feed, photos, events, search and inbox and you can even use the Pre Plus' camera to take and upload a new picture from within the app.

Palm pre plus

You can't use chat though, which could have easily been integrated with Google Talk and AIM within the messaging app, surely?

The App Catalog itself is very well designed and easy to navigate, as with everything else on the device, but we just wish it was more densely populated. Palm needs to work harder to engage app developers if the web OS platform is to have the range of applications it, and its users, deserve.