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Mission M-Cube review

Mission thinks outside the box

Our Verdict

A top choice for those seeking a lifestyle sound system


  • Solid wall of sound

    Great performance with films


  • Sub can be too noticeable

TechRadar Verdict

A top choice for those seeking a lifestyle sound system


  • +

    Solid wall of sound

    Great performance with films


  • -

    Sub can be too noticeable

The M-Cube is unique in its use of DML technology. This is commonly known as NXT, but Mission has decided to call it a different name apparently in order to get away from the negative connotations often associated with the concept of flatpanel speakers; something I agree is a good idea after experiencing one too many 'picture frame' speaker systems.

The kit comprises five identical satellites and an equally square subwoofer. The cubed satellites and sub certainly look different to any NXT product I've seen before. They are available in black or off-white (ivory).

Cleverly, you can also change the colour of the felt wrap around the speakers (four choices are available). Two stands are supplied, and while you can add more if you need to, the system also comes with wall brackets, which is probably the best way of setting up if you can.

This system has an unusually high crossover point between the subwoofer and the satellites of 250Hz-300Hz - adjustable via the subwoofer. This means the sub has to do more work than most of the competition, and while it generally disappears into the overall wall of sound, it's occasionally too noticeable in the mid-bass, particularly with male dialogue designed to fill the centre channel.

The higher the crossover point, the more localisable the sound, and this can compromise the surround effect.

That niggle aside, these M-Cubes perform very well, filling the listening room in a manner that's hard to believe from such small boxes. The satellites provide a solid wall of sound across the front three speakers, while the diffuse nature of the DML technology also does a good job spreading out the rear effects.

Mission's M-Cube system is the best application of NXT speaker technology I have yet encountered. The system is also beautiful to look at, and a top choice for those seeking a lifestyle sound system. It's at its best with movies, rather than music, but it looks as pretty with both.