Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: this is your last chance to get best ever Xbox game deal

xbox game pass deals
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Want to get as much as three years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just 100 pennies? If you act fast, here's how.

We know what you're thinking: this deal seems too good to be true. But, don't worry, it's a fantastic (albeit a little complicated) deal rather than a glitch and we've been testing it out all morning to make sure it works. And it does! 

For the last month, Microsoft has been running a deal which gives you one month of the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service for $1 / £1 instead of the standard $14.99 / £10.99. This combines Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC, rolled into the same subscription. Individually, they'd cost $9.99 a month, each, with some additional savings if you buy them annually at a lump sum.

This is already a good deal. But there's a way to make it even better, essentially bringing Xbox Live subscribers the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate upgrade for 36 months for just $1 / £1. Microsoft's Project Scarlett console will even be available before this runs out.

How this works is that Microsoft is taking any remaining time you have left on Xbox Live Gold and converting it to Game Pass Ultimate when you add the new $1 / £1 for 1 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal to your account. So, even if you've had Gold for a while or you're a new customer, there are lots of savings to be made.

The offer expires today – so here's your last chance to take advantage of it.

How do you get the Xbox Game Pass deal? 

To get the deal for yourself, you'll need to sign into your Microsoft account. From there, click on 'services and subscriptions', which will show what you're currently subscribed to.

First you'll need to extend your Xbox Live Gold subscription (or get one), and for this you'll need to buy additional months. As Microsoft only lets you subscribe for 12 months at a time with a credit card, to get the most from this deal you're doing to need to stack gift card redemption codes. While the standard price is $60 / £50 for 12 months of Live Gold, there are usually a number of other money saving deals around. Check our deals block below for the current best prices available:

What you need to do then is ensure your Xbox Live Gold expiry date is as close to June 2022 as possible. That's three years from the start of this current promotion, hence this is where the 36 months comes in. Admittedly you could be paying up to $180 / £180 for this bit, which seems steep, but it makes sense in the end – especially if you're a die-hard Xbox fan who is paying for an Xbox Live Gold subscription every year anyway. You're just paying in advance, and getting an unbelievable freebie for the investment.

Once the subscription has gone through, you'll then need to go and apply the $1 / £1 for 1-month Game Pass Ultimate deal. Make sure only to do this after you've got all the Xbox Live Gold months added, to maximise the deal.

Still with us? Good. So once that's been put through, your Live Gold subscription should be converted to Game Pass Ultimate. That means, although you will have had to pay for Live Gold initially, you now have Ultimate (with all its Game Pass goodies) and won't have to pay anything else for 36 months.

Depending on how much Xbox Live Gold time you purchase, this could be a mammoth saving.

How long will the Xbox Game Pass deal run for?

It's worth mentioning here that this deal ends on on July 3, 2019. Keep in mind that, once your pre-paid subscription ends, this will then roll into an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, so you may want to set a reminder to cancel the pricier subscription at that point.

However, there's been reported strain on Microsoft's side with so many people signing up for the deal, so it could disappear sooner than initially planned. Act fast!

Xbox Game Pass is going from strength to strength, adding PC games to the mix and with currently more than 200 titles available to Xbox gamers. This could settle your gaming needs for the next three years, so it's really worth considering.