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Intel: Smart TV revolution 'biggest since move to colour'

Intel inside
Intel inside

Intel has laid all its cards on the table and announced that the new series of 'smart TVs' will be as important to the evolution of televisions as colour was.

While the rest of the tech industry is currently pandering to the 'new' technology that is 3D, Intel CEO Paul Otellini is betting big on web-based tellies being the future of where our viewing is going.

Speaking at an investors' day, Otellini noted: "The TV revolution we're about to go through is the biggest change since the move to colour.

"The usage model is going to fundamentally shift with the new capabilities of the platform."

In short he was talking about Intel's Atom platform which is set to power these Smart TVs.

Atom powered

The chip which will be under the hood is the Atom processor CE4100 which will start populating set-top boxes and offer everything from widgets to web TV.

The chips are set to power a Linux-based OS and support Flash.

Intel is said to be in discussion with Sony to develop a Google TV platform, which may launch as soon as the summer.