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Intel's MICA is an expensive fashion wearable geared towards women

Intel MICA
Is that stylish enough for you?

Intel has unveiled a new smartband called "My Intelligent Communication Accessory," or "MICA" for short, that it hopes will grab a previously unimpressed demographic for wearables.

The smartband is a luxury item being marketed specifically toward fashion-minded females.

It's a standalone wearable that uses an AT&T data connection and doesn't need to be tethered to a smartphone.

And Intel designed MICA with help from fashion brand Opening Ceremony, so you know it's in style.

There's a brand new dance

Intel unveiled MICA today in San Francisco after first mentioning it at IDF 2014 in September.

The smartband comes in a couple of styles made with materials including snakeskin, lapis stones, obsidian, and an 18k gold finish, with a 1.6-inch OLED display, a custom Linux OS and two days of battery life.

As far as actual connectivity it supports texts, phone calls, Facebook, email, and Google notifications, plus smart reminders that use location data as well as data from Yelp.

Intel's MICA will be available in early December for $495 (about £315, AU$570) in Barneys stores and Opening Ceremony stores in LA and New York, plus online at the two brands' websites. That price also includes a two-year AT&T 3G data plan.